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Kenda Junior Tyres

Kenda Junior Tyres

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K257D Budget all round

An ideal all round tyre popular with budget racers. This tyre has been built in an alternating row of 4 and 5 knob pattern which has the ability to handle intermediate to hard terrains with ease. It also won’t bog down in heavy mud. This tyre has been designed for maximum traction in severe terrain and on changing track conditions. The staggered shoulder knobs keep control during hard cornering and acceleration out.


K770 Southwick sand/mud conditions

Front and rear patterns offer tall knob depths for deep bite. Large radius supports at knob base reduces roll over in soft areas with hard base. Wide space between rows self clean treads even at slow paces. NEW tread compound to support tall knobs, allow for increased wear/durability and also offers quick warm-up on cement start pads. NEW inside casing structure for improved sidewall stability at low pressure.


K771 Milville  Soft-Medium terrain

Designed to meet a wide variety of mixed terrain.

The unique dual rotation tread pattern allows for a wide range of soft to medium applications for loose soil on a hard base.

Reinforced knob base for excellent durability.

New factory style racing tread compound for high grip on soft surface with a hard base. New lightweight casing ply material for reduced unsprung weight.

The K771 performs far better than other low end tyres on offer and is very good value for money. Also available in STICKY race compound in selected sizes

K760 Trackmaster Medium-soft

A medium to soft terrain tyre with good traction under almost any conditions. A stiff bead and sidewalls provide superior stability and excellent cornering control. This tyre is also legal for use in forestry areas where tread is restricted to a gap of no more than 36mm. This tyre can be used for any purpose from racing to adventure riding. It is DOT approved for street use. These tyres are well priced and available in most sizes.

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