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Renthal Twinwall Offroad/Dirt Handlebars - All

Renthal Twinwall Offroad/Dirt Handlebars - All

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Renthal Twinwalls are the safest and strongest handlebars in the world

Renthal's revolutionary Twinwall handlebar utilizes two tubes, making fatigue failure virtually impossible

The immensely strong Twinwall offers 50% more flex than a traditional 7/8 bar

Renthal Twinwalls are currently used by Team Honda USA, Team Kawasaki USA, Red Bull KTM USA, Factory Connection Honda, Pro Circuit Kawasaki, Yamaha of Troy, Team Honda Martin Racing, Team Kawasaki Europe, Team Suzuki Europe and Factory KTM Europe.

  • The outer tube has extreme resistance to mechanical damage and is anodised to prevent corrosion
  • Inner tube is ultra high strength and is hard anodised to resist wear from twist grip and controls
  • Has a laser etched positioning grid
  • Renthal has a copyrighted bonded lightweight single bolt clamp and brace system
  • Knurled grip area increases bonding between bars and grips
  • Comes fitted as standard with a black bar pad
  • Available in titanium, red, black, blue and orange

For dimensions and partnumbers click on the thumbnail "DIMENSIONS" below

To order: Select the part number from the application tables (DIMENSIONS) and then add two-letter codes for required colour.

Example: 971-02-SI

971 - Designates the handlebar bend

02 - Designates the description of the handlebar (i.e. 2004-2007 CR Honda)

SI - Designates silver colour

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