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Dainese Thermo Mid Socks - Black/Red

Dainese Thermo Mid Socks - Black/Red

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Dainese Thermo Mid Socks

Medium socks made of thermal material, perfect for low temperatures.


  • Thermo Mid Socks are the mid-length version of Dainese Thermo insulating socks, designed to ensure ergonomics and appropriate thermoregulation in colder climates.The Dryarn hydrophobic and insulating fabric allows Thermo Socks to optimize the process of managing body heat.


  • Ankle support for a better comfort and driving precision
  • Compression lines to sustain muscles: lower vibrations and optimization of blood circulation
  • Footbed compression for increased blood circulation
  • Grip on the sole of the foot to prevent slipping inside the shoe


  • Temperature range: -20°C / 10°C
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